jobsIf you are like most graduates you have entered a disappointing salary bracket and are spinning your wheels in terms of student loan repayment. While you may have chosen a career you love, there are some jobs that can help you with your student loan debt payments.


Some volunteer organizations like the Peace Corps offer living stipend along with paid for housing accommodations while you serve the community.  This experience will reward your volunteerism through international travel, new skills, new friends, and extra money to put towards your loan payments.

Public Service

Many government and nonprofit organizations are doing great things for our citizens. Along with that comes the benefit of being able to have your student loan debt forgiven after 120 qualifying payments. You can have your remaining debt eliminated with no risk to you serving in this field far sooner than other career sectors.

Health and Education

Providing healthcare or educational services in qualifying low-income areas may also allow you to qualify for student loan debt forgiveness. Depending on the area in need of these employees you could have $17,500 or more of your loan repaid in exchange for a three year service commitment.


Servicemen and women are offered many incentives for joining one of the defense branches. Some offer additional money or stipend that can be used for payments, while others offer a student loan debt forgiveness program.

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