Student loan debt is becoming all too common among Americans today. The price for a good education rises each year and more people are forced to borrow in order to obtain a college degree. After graduation the payments begin and with a wavering job market and economy, many people have found themselves unable to support monthly payments. Fortunately, there are options. And we can help you find them!

Stop Student Loan Default

You don’t need to live in default or suffer under debt collectors.  Our team of experienced attorneys knows how to put a stop to your default while we work to find you a long term debt relief solution. We are trained in the art of debt negotiation and can help you erase penalties, lower your payments or even eliminate your debt balances.

Lower Monthly Loan Payments

The government has a few programs that can reduce your monthly loan payments, to as low as $1 a month in some cases. Each person has a unique financial situation, which means that some form of payment reduction is possible for just about anyone suffering with student loan debt. You may qualify to have your loan payments reduced to a fraction of what  you currently pay. We have helped many people reduce their monthly payments and regain control over their finances.

Find Student Loan Forgiveness

Most people are not aware that loan forgiveness is even an option. People who have pursued careers in public service, nonprofit work, or education may be eligible to have their student loan balances forgiven. Even if you don’t work in these fields, you do still have options. However, the eligibility standards for loan forgivness can be tricky; which is why we encourage you to let us help guide you through the process. We can ensure you find the highest level of student loan debt relief possible.

Discharge Student Loan Debt

While you  may have heard that student loan debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, the truth is that there are circumstances in which you debt can be discharged. School closure, false accreditation and  personal disability are three criteria that could qualify you for a debt discharge. Our team is experienced in the debt discharge  business and can review your case to determine  if you qualify for a student loan debt discharge.

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