They say you can’t put a price on a good education; but if you ask the millions of Americans carrying unbearable student loan debts, the answer is quite different. With a near $ 1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, the price for a good education could cost you financial hardship.

Unfortunately, all too many graduates are facing the harsh reality of being unable to repay their debt obligations. On the bright side, there is help!

The lawyers at The Lee Law Firm know what you are going through and can show you the way out. Our team is dedicated to helping hard working individuals just like you find relief from student loan debt obligations. Since the launching of several government programs, you have a better chance than ever at lowering your payments, erasing penalties and even wiping away some of your balance.

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Loan servicers don’t want you to know about these student loan debt relief programs. They thrive on the interest payments and penalty fees. Rather than work with you for loan repayment, they often prefer to keep you tied down under large monthly payments. It is this strategy that has contributed to the highest level of student loan debt default in history. If you are already in debt default, don’t worry. Our lawyers can help you get out of default and even resolve your payment troubles.

Chances are your monthly payments are far higher than what you can realistically afford. Between debt consolidation and negotiation services, there are also now repayment plans that can lower your monthly payment to fractions of what you now pay. Depending on your eligibility you could pay as little as $1 a month! Other programs include debt forgiveness options that can nearly erase all of your debt. Eligibility for the programs depends on your financial situation and career status. Working in the fields of teaching, public service or non-profit work may give you an additional advantage at qualifying.

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Don’t suffer another month under huge payments, failure to make ends meet or another default notification. Let our team of experienced lawyers help you resolve your student loan debt troubles. To find out more about loan forgiveness and whether or not you qualify, pick up the phone and call The Lee Law Firm to speak with our student loan lawyers about your specific options.