1. I cannot make my monthly student loan payment. Are there any options?
2. What happens if I miss my student loan payment?
3. I have already missed several payments, what are my options?
4. Can my lender sue me for not paying my student loans?
5. Can my wages be garnished for defaulting on my student loans?
6. What is a student loan forbearance?
7. What is a deferment and can you defer your loans indefinitely?
8. Can I have my student loan debt cancelled?
9. As a student loan lawyer, what can you do to help?
10. Can bankruptcy resolve my student loan debts?
11. What options do I have with my private student loans? 
12. I have not defaulted yet on my student loans, what happens when I do and do I have options? 
13. Does the Department of Education have my best interest at heart or even care about my situation? 
14. What can the Department of Education or other student loan lenders do to my spouse? 
15. If I hire you to be my attorney, what can you do for me?
16. How much would you charge me to be my attorney? 
17. If I have to get involved in litigation, is there any benefit? 
18. What is the difference between rehabilitation and consolidation of my student loans? 
19. Can my student loan lenders seize my IRS tax refund?
20. What are the different types of federal student loans? 
21. When do I have to start paying back my student loans? 
22. What if I quit or drop out of school, would I still have to pay them back? 
23. If don’t repay my loans, does the federal government actually have to sue me to seize funds?
24. Can I go back to school if I already owe on other loans?
25. I owe student loans and I am in default right now. What should I do? 
26. Where and how do I get more information?