debtMany students enter into educational programs with the expectation that their completed education is going to give them a career that is financially lucrative. A lot of this education is being paid with by way of student loans, and students are ending up with a large debt load as a result of their educational costs.

Many of the students that have attended the Walden University are now resorting back to an old Federal law concerning the promises that they were given of a well-paying career. They believe that these promises were false and have only led them to disappointment in the working world.

Many of the students have appealed to the government regarding the debt that they have accrued with Walden based on the fact that the law can forgive student debt if they are able to prove that their educational institution used illegal tactics to lure them into their educational programs. This is something that took place recently with the Corinthian colleges and there are some strong indications that there will be further forgiveness for students of other universities like those at Walden.

Students that are in financial difficulty with their student loans should seek out a student loan debt relief attorney that can guide them on their rights under the law and perhaps offer other solutions in regards to their student debt.

It should not just be assumed that it is an easy task to prove that false promises were made. For this reason it is really important that those students that feel that they are in these circumstances talk to a professional about it before taking any further action. What has to be realized is that student loan debt can be a very serious problem and is not one that can be ignored.

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