5 tipsWhen you look at your student loan debts, it may seem daunting and overwhelming and like you’ll never get the payments under control. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth, so long as you keep a handle on things and work with the right people. Here are 4 tips for dealing with your student loan debts and how to get them under control:

  1. Understand what debt means for you. That long number next to the words “Amount Owed” can cause temporary feelings of panic and desperation, especially if you haven’t found your career job yet. But, it’s best not default on your loans; this can have long-lasting affects on your life and is not the best option overall. Keep a level head and work with your loan company to find payments that work for you.
  1. Keep an eye on developments in repayment options. There are always groups coming forward with ways to assist students with their debts, as well as companies and professionals willing to help you get control of the situation. Be sure to stay on the lookout for possibilities that may be relevant to your particular situation.
  1. Organize all of your information. One of the best ways to stay calm about the situation is to stay organized. Keeping all of your information, like names of lenders, log-in information, amounts owed and interest rates, all in one place will make it easier to know exactly where you stand with each loan and will help prevent any accidental default.
  1. Don’t panic, and try talking to a debt professional. If you have already tried to talk to the loan company about lower payments and you still can’t afford to put any money toward your loans, it isn’t the end of the world. The best bet is to talk to a student loan debt lawyer about how he or she may be able to help you get on your feet and start building good credit again.

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