smart phoneStudents need all the help they can get these days in order to avoid graduating with no job and tons of student loan debt. From scouring the databases of grants to an extended course schedule to allow for more working your way through school, there are a lot of tips for helping students lower their loan burden. One new app has been released to help students after graduation, specifically boosting their chances at a great job.

Landing The Job

Part of the problem plaguing graduates is a less than fruitful job market after graduating. Many are forced to accept lower paying jobs, ones that simply won’t support the monthly student loan debt payment. In order to bridge this employment gap, a new app Advice for the Grind has found a unique way to boost the skills of students while still in school in order to help them stand out among other graduates.

The app focuses on an outlined plan from networking advice and career planning, to job fair searching and internships. The idea is to set up a plan to encourage and remind students of vital activities they can be doing throughout their four year degree to get ahead. There are also tons of links for videos of other graduates and mentors offering advice to students. This app even has an alert system built in to remind students to log in and check their gameplan activities and utilize the extensive resource base.

While this app may not be the magic eraser of student loan debt problems, it does offer a very proactive solution to a piece of the problem puzzle.

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