bankruptcy termsStudent loans have become a huge problem for college graduates across America. This past year the average student graduated with $34,000 dollars in debt, and many graduates are still struggling to find an entry level job even with a college degree. When student loans take over your financial life, other things often have to take a back seat. Here are a few ways to get through the holidays and give your friends and family the gifts they deserve while paying student loan debt:

  • Make a list. Decide what you’re going to get each of your friends and family members and write down those items. When you go shopping, buy only those items and cross those people off your list.
  • Stick with discounts. There are many good gifts that are discounted throughout the holidays. Keep an eye out for discounted or on sale items and don’t pay full price for anything.
  • Travel smart. When planning holiday plane flights and bus trips to visit family, find out your schedule a few months ahead of time so you can get your ticket booked early. If you wait until the last minute you will likely end up spending more money.
  • Set a price limit. All of your friends and family know that you just graduated and are struggling with debt, so they won’t take offense if you can’t buy them something fancy. ¬†When they understand your situation, they will be honored that you thought to get them a gift at all.

Use these tips to make sure you have enough money for your loan payments and have a happy holiday season.

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