tipsStudent loan debt is a serious financial burden, and once out of hand, it can have a detrimental impact on credit scores and other fiscal consequences. For many Americans, student loans are simply a part of earning a higher education degree. As the job market continues to grow slowly, individuals entering the market need to be competitive, and improving educational background is a great way to stand out.

Unfortunately, many individuals are faced with student loan payments they simply cannot afford after graduating from college. Consulting a bankruptcy attorney is a smart choice for individuals unsure about their ability to pay off student loans. Below are four tips for managing student loan debt and preventing your debt from taking over your life:

  • Understand your limit. A good rule of thumb, if you have not already taken out loans, is to avoid borrowing more in student loans than the salary you can reasonably expect to make your first year out of college.
  • Switch to automatic payments. If you are working on paying your student loans, switch to automated payments. Many lenders offer lower rates for individuals who use automatic withdraw each month from their bank account.
  • Reduce your principle. If you have a little extra cash to put toward paying off student loans, be sure your lender uses the money to lower the original amount you borrowed, not just next month’s payment.
  • Consult a lawyer . If your student loan debt is too high for you to pay, then it may be time to consult with a student loan debt lawyer to learn more about how to negotiate a financial situation that works for you. There are several ways in which a lawyer can negotiate a payment solution from reducing your principle to finding loan forgiveness, having a lawyer represent you can boost your chances at a successful debt relief solution.

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