marriageStudent loans are a heavy burden, and when a couple gets married most often they each have their own student loan debt problem. One positive factor is that neither party is legally responsible for the other person’s student debt.

If you have made arrangements for income based payments then if you file a joint tax return this could affect your payments. You need to look closely at this, and see which type of filing would suit your overall needs.

If you are finding that you are really having serious problems finding student loan debt relief and there is a possibility that you are facing some type of legal action, it is worth seeking out a student loan lawyer. At least this way you will feel that you have some support, and someone protecting your options.

It is difficult to go through each day knowing you have this debt hanging over you, but worse still when you simply cannot afford to make the payments being demanded. Then there is the fear of some legal repercussions and perhaps even having your wages garnished.

If you know what all your legal rights are, and what options are available to you for repayment whether it is yours own your spouse’s loan that is in trouble, you can deal with it easier.

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