timingMany students that are dealing with a heavy student loan debt are under the assumption that there is no way possible that this type of debt can be discharged in a bankruptcy. While it is extremely difficult to achieve this it is not totally impossible.

Dealing With Your Debt

The first thing an individual should do is seek out a student loan debt lawyer. By doing this the individual circumstances of the student will be thoroughly reviewed. Depending on the findings there may be other options that are available to the student to help them handle their debt.

More often than not because of the large student debt, these individuals end up incurring other debts where eventually they simply cannot handle them. One recourse may be to file for bankruptcy anyway even though the student debt loan will not be discharged. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help them set up a payment plan that lifts some of the financial burden for them. Or a chapter 7 bankruptcy may discharge some of the other debt, which in turn will free up money that can be used against the student loan.

If there is case of undue hardship that involves the student debt then there may be a slim chance that this debt will be discharged in a bankruptcy. It is very difficult to prove this, and for this reason most students don’t even consider it. That doesn’t mean that there are no other options, and every potential opportunity to get student debt under control should be carefully researched and considered.

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