flagAlmost every student that is burdened with student loan debt is keen on knowing what stands the presidential candidates are taking on student loans. This is because whoever is elected is going to have the say regarding this.

Hillary Clinton has made it known that she believes that families and students should not have to borrow money to pay for their tuitions when it comes to public colleges and universities.  She also believes that students who are now faced with student debt should be able to get lower rates to finance it.

Dr. Ben Carson takes a different approach does include increasing funding for higher education the payment for college he believes should be done through the existing Pell Grant funding. He has indicated that the schools should be responsible for the interest segment of the loans and should be responsible for paying this.

Bernie Sanders comes close to Clinton’s way of thinking but focuses more on low income students. He would also like to see an increase in Federal Aid programs.

Donald Trump has not been as forward with his views on student loans, however has indicated that he doesn’t think there should be profit centers that are making money off of student loans.

Well it will still be awhile before the election any student who is burdened with student loans should seek out an experienced student loan debt relief attorney for advice on how to best repay this without getting into serious financial trouble.

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